Bird Photos

These are some photos of a drake common eider, resting, diving, and feeding. Photos were taken in January 2011 using a Canon 60D, 18-135 MM zoom lens. Awesome birds, and one of my favorite to carve.


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3 Responses to Bird Photos

  1. Paul Boundy says:

    Great photos Nate!
    How’s the pup’s training coming along?
    Hope the recall pen has been satisfactory and will help in the pup’s future training.
    Again, nice pics.

    • Hi Paul,

      All is good here. Pup is doing well. Hard to train at the moment with all the snow, but we are getting out into the woods here and there. Need to get some more chukar this spring. Hope you are well. Thanks for stopping in!


  2. Mom says:

    Oh Nate! I am so proud of you and your efforts. What a delightful project that you have undertaken. Good for you and enjoy.

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