Inserting glass eyes in a decoy…

Took a little time to video the process of inserting glass eyes into a decoy. In this example, I am inserting Tohickon glass eyes into a goldeneye drake.

Materials used:

  • #123 10 MM blended yellow aspheric eyes from Tohickon (
  • 2-part epoxy wood putty (water soluble).
  • 10 MM Charlie Hall eye hole drill, or similar size forstner bit.
  • Dental pick, with wide and pointed end. Used to push putty into eye hole and adjust angle of the eye.
  • Sharp carving knife and sand paper, to later relieve some of the wood around the eye and fair the edges.

You can find the short video here:

About tidewaterdecoys

I hunt and fish, carve decoys, and enjoy the outdoors as much as possible. My greatest satisfaction comes from sharing my experiences with friends and family. I am a writer and editor by trade, and have worked in the publishing and communications fields for the last 13 years.
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